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I learned to throw pottery from Rob Withrow who runs Smoke in the Mountain Pottery Studio. He taught me about clay, throwing, and firing and I work out of his studio. Rob has a big Noborigama-style wood kiln on his property and he fires it about 4 times a year. The chambers hold about 700 pots. Every firing is a community event. We all take shifts to stoke the fire with dry wood by hand every 2-3 minutes for about 30 hours straight! The goal is to get to about 2350 degrees or Cone 12/13. Many of my jugs are either wood fired this way or fired in a gas kiln.

I love old time music and passing a jug of moonshine around a campfire in between playing banjo tunes. I also love the rolling blue mountains of Appalachia, the wild rural South, and Western North Carolina. Moonshine jugs are my favorite vessel to throw on the wheel! Moonshine Love Clayworks is the name of my pottery store on Etsy.