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Cory Marie loves to bellydance. She studied ITS and original choreography as a member of the Nautch Project, April Rose’s first student troupe. Cory is an avid practitioner of Hot Pot Improvisational Tribal Style of Unmata. She has also been a part of Los Angeles based tribal fusion collective, Se7eN, under the direction of Heather Shoopman. Both troupes have incorporated many styles of dance including tribal bellydance, ITS/ATS, hip-hop, Indian, post-modern, fire dance & more.

Old Time Squaredance

Cory also loves old time music and the dancing that goes along with it: square dancing! She studies dance calling and history with renowned dance caller Susan Micheals and calls dances around the Los Angeles area with old time stringband Triple Chicken Foot. Since July of 2009, Cory and the Foot have created a seasonal residency of squaredances at Victorian landmark HM157 in Lincoln Heights. In addition to hosting their own community dances, they also bring the joy of squaredancing to weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, school parties, BBQs, etc.