New Site Lauch:

Jean’s site launched just in time for news of her discovery of the Joan Anderson Letter broke in the press, spreading like wildfire. I designed the layout and aesthetic-look and worked with a programmer who built the site. Visit Jean’s site.

 “It’s been called the letter that launched a literary genre — 16,000 amphetamine-fueled, stream-of-consciousness words written by Neal Cassady to his friend Jack Kerouac in 1950…”

Read the full story.

Stories from the Folk School

I am the editor and primary writer for the John C. Campbell Folk School blog. Here you will find many samples of my writing & photography. You may even find yourself inspired to visit the Folk School, a truly magic and unique place.

Read the Folk School Blog.

Fall Festival 2014

I designed the poster and t-shirt for the Fall Festival at the Folk School. The image celebrates the bounty of the fall harvest with a young banjo pickin’ gal sitting in a pumpkin patch. She holds a cornucopia, a symbol of abundance, overflowing with riches of the land. The two vessels, a clay vase and a hand woven basket, harken to the union of the form and function found in many crafts created at the Folk School. The style of the fall Mucha-esque maiden is inspired by Dame’s Rocket Clog Morris.

Client Spotlight on my work with the Folk School

NYE Masquerade

I designed this invitation for the Masquerade Party at the new Hackney Warehouse Building in downtown Murphy. Happy New Year’s to everyone! May you have a safe and fun NYE!

Austin, TX

In November, I made a trip to Austin, TX to spend a week with April Rose at Rose Movement Studio. April Rose & I have worked closely together to develop her brand for her thriving dance studio with projects including logo, signage, apparel, posters, and web graphics. A stained glass artist even made a rose pane based off of my design (pictured above). How cool is that?

Client Spotlight on April Rose & Rose Movement Studio

Drums ‘N’ Roses

Any gal born and raised in LA in the 80s has a special love for Guns ‘N’ Roses, so I jumped at the chance to develop a logo for April Rose’s show, Drums ‘N’ Roses, referencing the GNR logo. The guns may be replaced by dumbeks, but I still think the design feels like a rockin’ night at the Rainbow Room.

Client Spotlight on April Rose & Rose Movement Studio

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